Since Jun 2012

Christy Baker

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These are 2 of the wonderful men in my life! This is my husband Doug and our son Evan. They help keep me motivated in everything I do!
I am also a Mary Kay consultant. This is me at a conference with VP of Sales Force Relations, Sean Key. I promise you don't have to use MK to come to Zumba class, LOL;0)
This is me with Barbara Kloontz. She is the awesome gal that taught the 10hr class I had to take to get my license!! Whoo, that was 1 LONG day! But I am so greatful for how it has changed my life and what I am now able to pass on to my family and to you!
And this is me with my beautful daughter, Rebecca!! She is a joy to be the mother of and I am so glad that as she gets ready to enter those pre-teen and teen years, that I can teach her about being healty and learning to LOVE the body God blessed her with and not be as preoccupied with the images she will see on t.v., the internet and in magazines and how they look compared to her. Especialy since there was a time in mylife when I was so concerned with how I didn't look instead of how I did and what I could so to make the best of the body I have. Through this journey with Zumba and BeachBody, I have learned so much about healthy lifestyle changes so please don't be afraid to ask me at class. My goal in becoming an instructor wasn't just because it is fun, but to also be a coach for all the wonderful people that God puts in my path through my classes!



Meet Richard Gormley! He is the awesome man that taught the

Aqua Zumba Instructors class I recently took.

I can't WAIT to bring the Party to the Pool!!

These are some of the wonderful ladies that I have had the privilage to dance with since moving back to Muncie, IN. Here we are kicking off the 2012 Holiday Season performing for the residents and staff at a local Adult Day Care facility! What an honor to represent Zumba in such a way!